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HealthSource Plus is a leading provider of Benefits Administration.  We specialize in providing administrative support for employee benefit programs.

We act as an independent data clearinghouse on behalf of the Employer - Once the information is securely stored and managed, an Employer is able to select insurers and funding options that are best suited to the benefit categories within its employee benefits program.

We act as the "Central Hub" for all claims inquiries, billings, administration, etc. on behalf of the Employer - We act as the facilitator between the Employer and the providers.

Advantages of Using A Benefits Administrator

(What Does This Mean To You?)

You will never need to re-enroll your employees again to take advantage of an opportunity as it presents itself.

Competitive Administration and Transaction Fees

With millions in premiums under management, we are able to partner with carriers to create unique and competitively priced client solutions and ensure the most appropriate outcomes for our clients.

By consolidating the administrative functions on behalf of our clients, we are able to provide customized plan designs to meet your needs as well as introduce you to innovative programs and services both on a complimentary and fee for service basis.

Creates a multiple insurer environment that is consolidated into one seamless program with one billing statement, one booklet, one enrolment form and one point of contact.

Creates an environment for you where you can explore innovative ways of paying for employee benefits that result in PERMANENT COST REDUCTIONS!

By using a Benefit Administrator like HealthSource Plus you are ensuring:

  • One Billing Statement
  • One booklet
  • One Enrollment Form
  • One Point of Contact
  • And that you will Never have to re-enroll your employees again, even when a change in insurers is required